Jump captures a time in my life of questioning, a time where I had ended a relationship and was starting another, where I wanted to take on the world but still was only taking my first steps, feeling as unsure as I was excited. These songs are a self-portrait of that love, that fear, and that effort to define myself that led to discovering who I am. Making the record was a jump for me, personally, as well – for the first time, I had to fundraise, publicize myself, and work with others to shape the creative identity of my music.

The EP was produced by Mark Mazzetti for his company, Record Company in a Box. Mark was a wonderful guide through the process—with a wealth of experience including work with Sting, Janet Jackson, and John Mayer, he helped to bring out the qualities that made me unique as an artist, like my jazzier, sophisticated chords and my introspective stories. Anthony Brodeur engineered the record, also playing bass and keyboards. He handled the specifics, giving me coaching on the minute details of my singing and playing in the studio, take after take. It really came together thanks to an amazing mix by Brian Scheuble, who has also mixed John Mayer and Train!

I can’t wait for people to hear this record, and I hope that it brings you as much joy, solace, and inspiration as I had in the process of making it. I’m thankful to everyone who helped make it happen — I couldn’t have done it without them.

(lyrics here)


About to Cry


Superman on Broken Wings

Let the Light In